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Client Testimonials

There’s nothing better than seeing people gain peace as they finally understand their lives. I would love to work with you to find the inspiration and motivation you seek to successfully heed the words of author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams – Live the life you imagined.

The following testimonials are just a sampling from people I have worked with and guided over the years.

“For nearly a decade, I have sought Julie’s counsel on a range of issues from personal and professional relationships, parenting, finances, and healthcare. I’ve sought Julie’s counsel in times of deep crisis, and she always helps me find what I need to be clear-minded and make the right decisions while staying true to myself.

Beth F. – State Government Official

“If we had not had these sessions together, I would still be stuck in the ruts of life that so many accept but shouldn’t. Your counseling and vision have given me the confidence to make life changes that have been needed for a long time. Thank you for hearing and supporting me while giving me such valuable guidance on changing the direction of my life.”

Sara N. – International Aid Worker

“I have had the pleasure of meeting with Julie over the past few years, navigating through professional and personal matters. Julie always provides insightful wisdom that helps define that moment while placing it in context with your overall existence focusing on the positive. Her insights are reassuring and inspiring while bringing clarity to your purpose/mission in life.”

John P. – President, National Financial Corporation

“I’ve never met someone who could tell me so much about my life and the lives of people close to me. She translates life situations into positive, specific, and uplifting guidance for any challenge I am facing.”

Amber V. – Wellness Professional

“They say everyone, we encounter in this lifetime is for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I knew the first time I connected with Julie that our union was for a reason. I’ve always been a spiritual being, but Julie’s beautiful soul has been instrumental in helping me connect the dots and make sense of this very spiritual world and universe – ultimately confirming my place in it. Though I’ve never met Julie face to face, over the past several years, I’ve come to not only consider Julie “my personal guide” but “a close friend.”

Renee D. – Small Business Owner

“Recently divorced, my meeting with Julie came during a time of great uncertainty in my personal life. Having tried the therapist route in the past, I was looking for something different. Julie provided me with insight into current life events and offered guidance that made a huge difference in making some short-term decisions.”

Chris K. – Artist