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About Julie Purdy

My journey to this rewarding profession is built upon a strong foundation of spirituality, intuition, years of research and study of metaphysics and astrology, personal life challenges, and the ability to harness the Laws of Attraction successfully. 


I believe that because I was born at the precise moment of a full solar eclipse when total darkness burst forth into a new and expansive light, that I was blessed with the special gift of leading people from the depths of darkness into the promise of light. 

“Light is information, and darkness is simply the lack of information.”

In our sessions, I provide a thoughtful and objective analysis that allows you to step back and consider life’s most challenging situations from a new perspective, revealing your “aha” moment when you can suddenly see how the puzzle pieces of your life fit together.  

This experience is revelatory and empowering in guiding you forward. Together, we proceed by creating a “feel good” plan with proactive and realistic steps and goals focused on a happier and more fulfilled future. 

Over the years, I have helped many of my clients with the following challenges:

I invite you to learn more about how you can take the first step on your path of bringing light and love into your best life.