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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions people have when they learn about Julie and her gifts.

How did you get started with intuitive life advising? How long have you been doing intuitive life advising?

I’ve been doing intuitive life advising for over 30 years, and I love what I do! But it wasn’t always this way. Fortunately, the Universe had other plans for me.

Decades ago, while working as a Controller for a large corporation, a visit to an astrologer made me reconsider my life and career when she told me, “Develop your gift of intuition, and it will take care of you for the rest of your life.” She said I was here to help people learn how to live the lives they were meant to live—to move through difficult times and gain an understanding that could bring them to a better place.

Having faced and overcome my own struggles, I knew I would be able to relate to and help many people. I knew I had to pursue this new path. I studied under Springwell Metaphysical for 12 years, bringing me to my current practice. By blending the knowledge I gained with compassionate listening, psychology, problem-solving, and astrology I help people discover practical ways to make positive changes in their lives.

My reputation has spread over time as one of the best for understanding life’s many issues and challenges. Whether it’s love, health, career, money, or making peace in a meaningful relationship—I can help.

How do you do intuitive life advising?

I strive to connect with people on a deeper level, taking the issues that clients bring to me and holding a magnifying glass up to them. As you explain your situation, I hear another intuitive conversation on the inside, giving me guidance for your particular issue. I can help you see your life, along with any struggles you may face, in a positive light, with focus and clarity.
What can I expect from my session with you?
I start each session by talking with you. The more open-minded you are, the easier it is for me to help. As you relax and open up, you’ll receive more information during the session. There is no questionnaire for you to fill out. You being very present in the moment is enough.

Are you going to tell me something disturbing?

I always look at life situations positively in a way that motivates change. Even in the most challenging situations, there’s something good that will come out of your session.
Where do I meet you for my session? Do we need to meet in person? Do I need to live near you to make this work?

I do sessions in my home, but we do not need to meet in person. Typically, I now do sessions over the phone or on Zoom with great success. (Sessions can be paid for in advance via Venmo.)

What should I think about before I come to my session? What should I bring with me? Is there anything I can provide you with that would be helpful during my session?

It is not necessary to have anything with you. However, if you would like to speak about someone in particular, please have a photo of that person. Before our meeting I would also need the following information so I can run your astrological chart, including:

Can I bring a friend? Will it influence our sessions if we come together?
You can absolutely bring a friend! Sitting together will not affect either session at all. I am tuned directly into you and your individual spirit during your session. But the choice is yours – you can sit in on each other’s session or have a private session.
What is your fee?

Rates for individual sessions are $125 for one hour.