I love helping people discover the life they were meant to live - guiding them to understand life's issues, whether it's love, health, career or money, so that they can get the most joy out of it. The people who come to me have a variety of questions and concerns. I use intuition, astrology, psychology, compassionate listening, and quick analysis to arrive at thoughtful solutions.

I have spent over 20 years doing intuitive life coaching for thousands of clients throughout North America. There's nothing better than seeing people gain peace as they finally understand their lives. The following testimonials are from just a sampling of the people I have been able to help. I would love to help you, too, and motivate you to live the life of your dreams.

"Your counseling and vision have given me the confidence to make life changes that have been needed for a long time. If we had not had these sessions together, I would still be stuck in the ruts of life that so many accept, but shouldn't. Thank you for hearing and supporting me, while giving me such valuable guidance as to change the direction of my life."

- Sara Nairobi

"Julie’s ear is attentive and compassionate and her guidance is realistic, supportive, and inspiring. I've never met someone who could tell me so much about my life and the lives of people close to me. She translates life situations into positive, specific, and uplifting guidance for any challenge I am facing."

- Amber Lynn Vitse
Certified Nutritionist and Advocate for Public Health and Nutrition
Knoxville, TN

"Julie has given me hope and a better understanding of how our life path and The Universe work together to create our destiny. Her calm and intuitive talents will send you on your life journey with the promise for a brighter tomorrow. Julie Purdy is definitely someone you will want to meet! I am blessed to have her as a part of my life!"

- Donna Urschel
Director of Sales Albany, NY

"Julie has made me aware of how the slightest change in my thoughts can and will produce results to make my life better. Her sensitivity and awareness, as well as her ability to read what is happening in my stars, has helped me be better aware of my own actions and their impact on my life."

- Tanya Navas
Director of Education New York, NY

"Julie has given me a clear vision and path to follow my dreams in life, whether they are in romance, health, or career. She is an exceptional person who is committed to making a difference. Her insights will lead you on a new journey filled with endless potential."

- Erin Conklin
Albany, NY

"Julie Purdy has a gift for taking life events and putting them together in a context so there is meaning. She encourages me to become a better person and make good decisions. Her mix of practicality and spirituality always provides a usable plan of action."

- Elaine Seat
PhD CEO, CircleSpring LLC

"I was struggling when I met with Julie a few months after my retirement. In just a few hours she helped me clarify not only IF I wanted to seek a part-time job, but also WHAT I really wanted to be doing if I did. Her thoughtful questions and suggestions completely changed the way I think about my future, and her powerful guidance got me headed in the right direction."

- Susan
Rutland, Vermont

"In working through life's curveballs, Julie has centered me, relaxed me and made me realize that my life is happening the way it should be—even if it’s different than the way I originally anticipated. She has really been my rock. I often tell my husband, ‘I need a dose of Julie!’"

- Rebecca Ashby
Owner, The Pink Orange

"Meeting with Julie was like standing in front of the most detailed, honest and enlightening mirror on the planet. Between her incredibly accurate astrological charting, her own intuitive nature and her calm, comforting manner, you won't believe how many wonderful things there are about YOU until Julie shines a light on them. Even the most "enlightened" client will benefit from the fine-tuning Julie offers."

- Laura Daniels
Morning Show Host, B95.5

"In the last two years, I’ve learned that our lives are a work in progress. Julie not only gives you a clearer picture of where you are, but helps you establish the tools you need to move forward in a positive and more satisfied way. I do not have enough words to express my gratitude for Julie Purdy. If you are ready to change your life in a big way, see her!!"

- Jillian Mayott

"When I first met Julie in person I was amazed at the serenity that she exuded, she has this peaceful presence that is one of her many gifts. She told me to go home and make a list of everything I wanted in a relationship. I did, and 5 weeks later, I met my husband. Thank you, Julie. You have given me a gift that I can never repay!"

- Amy Borst

"Recently divorced, my meeting with Julie came during a time of great uncertainty in my personal life. Having tried the therapist route in the past, I was looking for something different. Julie provided me with insight into current life events and offered guidance that made a huge difference in making some short-term decisions."

Clifton Park, NY

"I believe you taught me well and gave me all the tools I needed to see the truth. The list of things you did for me is endless, but I want you to know you are the person responsible for helping me logically put the puzzle of my life together."

- Terri
Evans, GA

"I cannot tell you the impact our meeting had on me. The insights you shared about my career made me less anxious about what lies ahead, while giving me the tools to help me through my transition. Now I’m in a job that I love—thanks to you—and couldn’t be happier!"

- Annette Jeffes
Higher Education Administration

"Step parenting can be very challenging, and stressful on a marriage. Julie helped me turn a sensitive step parent conversation into a positive marriage conversation with my husband. I have found Julie's abilities invaluable to me and my family.               "

- C.A.R.

"Julie's insight has shown me how to relate to each of my four children, based on their unique personalities. Thanks to her guidance I am able to parent each one the way they need and therefore have happier and healthier children. This has helped our home grow to a happier and more cohesive place. Julie also helped guide us through a major life decision. As a result, we were able to get past some of our concerns and welcome a new member into our family. He has been the joy that completes us."

- J Collins Greenwich, NY
"MST Education"
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