Whether your relationship is brand new or you're looking to stir the waning sparks of a longer-term relationship, there are always going to be things in life that challenge it.

Loving relationships takes focus and effort to get positive results. I can help you evaluate your relationship to determine where the weak spots are, and help you figure out the right approach to fix them. Maybe you need to rework the relationship or maybe you need to let it go. We can sort your feelings out, and give you direction for your next steps. By breaking down the barriers that are blocking real connections you can foster a truly loving partnership at any age.

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"After just a few sessions Julie helped me identify which areas I needed to focus on in my relationship, and challenged me to look within and express what it is I truly need. Julie was instrumental in helping me communicate my feelings and provided me with the guidance and the courage to follow through during difficult times. Julie helped me understand that it's okay to reach out for help."

- Sheryl Campbell
Clifton Park, NY
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