It's very easy to put together a group gathering and so much fun for everyone involved! Gatherings involve a minimum of six guests and a maximum of ten. Once you've decided on attendees and a few prospective dates, please contact me so we can compare calendars and choose a date that works for everyone.

I run everyone's astrological chart prior to the gathering, so I would need you to collect the information listed below for each guest. If I have done a session with any of them before I would have their chart on file, and would only need their first and last names.

* I'll need this information one week prior the gathering. *

First and Last Names
Date of Birth, including Year
Time of Birth specifying AM or PM this is VERY important since the closer they are on time, the more accurate I can be. (This information can be found on birth certificates. It can also be located in a baby book or by asking a relative.)
City and State they were born in
City they're living in now

At the gathering I will meet with each guest individually and do a private session, so I will need a room that is separate from the group for privacy. I do half-hour sessions for $50, cash only.

Thanks so much for thinking about planning a gathering. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

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