Good communication is the key to any satisfying and sustainable relationship - but it can be difficult.

Think of how many times you play a conversation over and over in your head before you actually say it, wasting time and energy thinking of how the person will react or wondering if you're going to hurt someone's feelings. This can consume your thoughts, taking your attention away from your everyday life. I can help you sort out your emotions about even the most uncomfortable life issues. Together we can figure out an approach that will resolve the situation in a positive way, giving you a sense of relief so you can move on. Saying the hard things can be challenging, but it can also pave the way for healthier relationships, bringing real peace to your life.

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"Julie was a real Godsend to me in my current relationship. I had questions about next steps, and the best way to move forward with my boyfriend. I'm happy to say he is now my husband, and with Julie's help, we were able to address our differences before we said I do. She really helped us come up with a plan for supporting each other, and maintaining a loving and healthy relationship."

Chicago, Illinois
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