Think of how much easier parenting would be if you only knew how your child thought. Wouldn't it be great if you could respond to their needs instead of reacting to their behavior?

I can explain how your child sees the world and the rules they play by. You'll walk away with the tools you need to support them in challenging situations. By working with them, instead of pushing against them, you will be planting the seeds to help them effectively cope with any situation. When you help them find a way to work things out, they'll feel safe and supported at home. Just imagine the peace and harmony that can create in your life.

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"I had been struggling for years with guilt over the birth of my daughter and how that impacted my other children. Just one meeting with Julie completely resolved that issue for me. I left with a concrete plan for how to balance my time and energy with each of my children, and do it with confidence."

- WB
Glenville, NY
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