Do you spend more time worrying about your adult child's life than you do enjoying your own? Parenting is a huge commitment, with an intense outward focus.

So much emotion and energy goes into helping your children grow and succeed. Unfortunately, it's a habit that's hard to break. Well into your child's adulthood, you may find yourself worrying about their well being and carrying stress over the situations they get themselves into—but it doesn't have to be that way. I can explain what your adult child is trying to learn through the choices that he or she is making. Many times, I can even give you a timeframe for when the issue will work itself out, so you can let go of the worry and enjoy your own life.

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"Through my meetings with Julie, I gained a valuable new perspective about my relationship with my daughters. Julie's approach is enchanting and uplifting, while being wise and grounded. I took away insights that helped me relate to my family better on all levels. The troubling emotions I had been feeling flowed out of me and a calm feeling flowed in. This new perspective made a real difference in these relationships. I felt light and liberated ... truly empowered!"

- Deborah A. Lindholm
Ludlow, VT
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